10 Brilliant Businesses
One Choice Powermind

An extraordinary mentorship to help you reach new levels of success in business and life.

*Interviews will take place October 2022 for 2023

Confused?  Lonely?  Frustrated?

Overwhelmed by the business of running your business?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there ARE no shortcuts. 

But you already knew that. You’ve been so busy building your business that you forgot to ENJOY the process. 

You’ve invested time and money in courses and coaching because you’re gonna make sure you get it right.

The problem? You’re ready to make more money, but you’re not keen to sacrifice every waking hour to do it. Somedays, you’re more confused now than when you first started.

10 Brilliant Businesses
One Choice Powermind.

A world-class mentorship experience for 10 brilliant business owners ready for more. 

  • More connections
  • More money
  • More customers
  • ​More of what you love
  • ​More freedom

What Is A Powermind?

Masterminds have become too predictable with a guru in charge who is no longer available the minute you are done paying.

Chelle and I developed the concept of a Powermind to build something real, collaborative, and that lasts.

Real Results. Real connections. Real lasting friendships.
Real networking. Real expertise.

  • One-on-one private consulting led by Kendrick and her signature style of strategic sales solutions on your business plans and goals. 
  • Customized exercises for your business and direct feedback so that you never wonder what to do next to achieve your goals.
  • Monthly group powerminding where you will create bonds that support your business for years to come.
  • Form friendships and real connections with like-minded people who are unwavering in their commitment to personal and professional success.
  • ​Luxury retreats that are curated to celebrate your years of hard work as the star of your business and to support the future wildest dreams for your business.

Uniquely designed to take you from feeling lonely in the online space, underseen, and confused to doing what you love every day, making money, and making a difference in your life and the lives of others.

10 Brilliant Businesses One Choice Powermind


Private Powerminding With Kendrick

10 months of Authentic Selling® immersion led by Kendrick’s 11 years of online experience, which means you get results, reach new income thresholds, and achieve your business. 

All-Access VIP Support, Authentic Selling® Style, means a partner by your side every step of the way to increase your productivity and hold you accountable to the dream.

  • Private one-on-one monthly calls with Kendrick to ensure that you’re on track to reach your professional goals.
  • Private email and Voxer with Kendrick so that you have guidance and support when everyday challenges arise in your business.

Group Powerminding Calls

10 virtual group calls led by Kendrick and a few VIP top-secret special guests to keep you inspired, on target to hit your goals, and actually enjoy the process of growing your business.

Powermind Community

Tired of being dropped into a Facebook group that does nothing more than collect members?

So are we!

The Powermind Community will be hosted in a private Facebook group where we have some fun (and super-secret) plans to support you in developing connections with other brilliant businesses. This group will go beyond the confines of a Facebook group and last longer than (this program).

The Powermind Community is not just a group to drop into, but a collective of friends, expertise, and encouragement to replace the island you have often felt alone on in your business. 

VIP Powermind Retreat

Celebrating the Star Of Your Business, New York City

February 2023

You’re invited to join me for an authentic Broadway experience in my favorite place on earth, New York City. Together we’ll be envisioning the new heights of your business by day and walking the red carpet to our very own House Seats by night.

You will enjoy an authentic backstage VIP Broadway experience as you powermind next-level VIP experiences for your own business. A weekend of exquisite food, stylish accommodations with incredible friends and an evening fit for the star you are.

  • Private one-on-one monthly calls with Kendrick to ensure that you’re on track to reach your professional goals.
  • Private email and Voxer with Kendrick so that you have guidance and support when everyday challenges arise in your business.

10 Brilliant Businesses One Choice Powermind

Unparalleled business progress. Life-long connections. Experiences that define you.

Your next steps:

**Due to the intimate container of this experience, only ideal, action-orientated business owners progress to an interview. 

***An interview does not guarantee your acceptance to 10 Businesses One Choice Powermind.

Within a week, ideal, action-orientated businesses will be contacted to schedule an interview with Kendrick.

10 Brilliant Businesses One Choice Powermind is an application/interview VIP experience.

Results You Can Depend On

One of my own highest values is truth in selling.

There are dozens of testimonials from past private clients and masterminds that I have run that could go on this page. Each testimonial speaks to the results past clients experienced and the results you can depend on from working with me.

However, this time, for this experience, I chose not to add those testimonials here because it felt out of integrity.

10 Brilliant Businesses One Choice Powermind is a new offering. Technically there are no testimonials for this experience.

All of this leads me to my promise to you.

The Promise

After 11 years of doing business differently, seeing the results our clients create, I'm confident that being a part of 10 Businesses One Choice Powermind will produce the same caliber of results that you’ve come to expect from Authentic Selling®.