Let's Talk...

Recently I was chatting with some of the legends in our industry...

The conversation eventually turned to business, specifically launching...

We agreed the biggest misconception in our industry is.....

"Build It And They Will Come..."

only works in the movies

We all believed it once, right?

I'm a believer in being tragically honest so you get to the beautiful part of business faster.


  • Learning by trial and error is a very bad idea.
  • You will save time and money by having an expert in your corner from the beginning.
  •  "They WILL come", if you build it the right way.

Create & Launch Your Online Course

You want to impact more people because your work is epic.

But all the questions are keeping you stuck..

  • How do you actually create a course?
  • Should you have more than 1 digital product or class on your website?
  • What is the best price for your course? 
  • ​And then there is the dreaded, life draining technology, what do you even use to roll your course out?

Raise your hand if you want answers to at least 1 of the above questions.

Create & Launch Your Online Course

Step 1

Do It Right The First Time

Launches that make money master the pre-launch steps

  • Chose and Develop your course based on your expertise.
  •  Map out your course outline, modules, price, and decide on length of your course.
  •  Save the tech headaches and create a user experiences that leads to referrals. 
  • Complete Your Launch Calendar.
  • Set up your course so it creates a stepping stone for your higher priced offers.
  • ​Learn the pros and cons of the various delivery methods for your online course.
  • ​Pick the right option to rollout your course (pre-recorded, live classes, group calls, filming tips, platforms, etc).

Step 2

Marketing & Sales

Secrets of the pros- you're going to learn them all

  • See the actual plans that have led to literal 7 figure launches.
  • Write all your sales copy, (pages, social, emails, ALL of them.)
  • ​Learn how to create webinars, challenges, social engagement...all the shiny things
  • ​Understand platform options to engage potential customers when your cart is open. How to have selling conversations.
  • Get the exact scripts to turn "not right now into thank you for selling me."  (Yes for real)
  • ​Understand when you need to do sales calls and how to do them so you enroll 50% more into your course.
  • ​Avoid the launch drama that steals your money and joy.

Step 3

Post Launch

Plan for the future to double your next launch

  • Let the data do the talking- learn what's important to and what's a waste of time to plan for your next launch.
  • Understand how and when to turn it all evergreen so it actually can make money while you're on vacation.
  • Retain access to all the Authentic Selling® launching done for you templates.
  •  Reach more people and make a larger positive impact.

Learn the steps the legends have paid me Big Bucks to ensure their launches are the ones everyone is  talking about.

Create & Launch Your Online Course

10 week experience curated for you!

  • Take the guess work out of launching.
  • Shortcut the YEARS of frustration trying to figure out why your launches are not converting like you dreamed.
  • Learn the exact plan used by some of the most successful launches in our industry.

I've worked behind the scenes for some of those "legends of our industry" and some of the most successful launches in our industry.


I have seen the opportunity for a self made woman to enhance her life by running a highly profitable business that makes a positive impact in the world is now.

The Nitty Gritty Details

Syllabus / Call Schedule (calls at 11:30am EST):

Class 1: Creating a Course versus Your Current Offers - April 28 

Class 2: Course Prep: Choose & Develop Your Online Course Curriculum - May 5

Class 3: Your Online Course Outline & Pricing - May 12 

Class 4: Building Your Online Course - May 19

Class 5: Create Your Launch Outline - May 26

Class 6: Create Your Winning Webinar - June 2

Class 7: From Cart Open to Close - Sell Baby Sell - June 9 

Class 8: Transition Your Launch To Evergreen- June 16

Class 9: Implementation: Feedback/Questions - June 22

Class 10: Wrap Up & Launch: July 1 @ 11 AM EST

Dates: April 28-July 1

Time: 11:30 AM Eastern (unless otherwise stated)
Class Length: 1 Hour

Format: Done WITH You

Weekly Lessons Taught Live
No question left behind at the conclusion of every class.
All classes, templates, plans, will be recorded and yours to keep.

***Note July 1 class time 11:00 AM Eastern

Using Kendrick’s Authentic Selling® Process I was able to 100% delegate sales to my assistant and still close 9 out of every 10 sales. The best part I get to stay in my zone of genius.

I have 10x my investment on ONE launch.

Jump on this, guys. It’s one of the best things I’ve invested in, and I don’t want it to end!!! Kendrick, I’ve learned so, so much from you. Thank you.

I’ve learned more in the last 90 days with Kendrick than I did spending one whole year in a $20k mastermind.

Kendrick breathed new life into our business.

For real, one of the best investments I have made in the last seven years.