3 PROVEN Ways to Get More Customers

Uncover 3 Proven Ways to Get More Customers in this FREE class

  • Close More Consults
  • ​Help More People
  • ​Make More Moolah

Wednesday, July 15th @ 7pm EST

Hi, I'm Kendrick.
International sales authority, creator of the Authentic Selling®️ process and the founder of Authentic Selling®️ University.

You’re serious about running a successful modern business that helps others and makes money.

You’ve been doing all the things everyone says you must do to create success but the only problem is... customers are not coming as quickly as you hoped.

You’re wondering what’s missing and if you’re doing something wrong.

You’re not alone. Too many brilliant business owners struggle with exactly how to get more customers.

That’s why I created this TOTALLY free Authentic Selling® class to take you from missing opportunities to closing more consults, making more money, and helping more people.

3 PROVEN Ways to Get More Customers

Wednesday, July 15th @ 7pm EST

You're Smart...

You just need someone to point you in the right direction giving you the steps that will lead to paying customers.

I’m going to share the best money making advice you will ever receive for your business. This is a fact not my opinion.


Without sales your business is BROKE.

The definition of selling is the exchange of money for a product or service, so you can have the best website, marketing, systems, but without a sales system your business can’t succeed.


No skill set will make your business more money than selling


You do not have to use guilt, ick, sleaze, slime, or pressure to convince someone to invest in your products or services.

That’s exactly why I created Authentic Selling®, the number 1 sales system for modern businesses like yours, and you can get the inside scoop on how to get more customers in this one of a kind FREE class.

Wednesday, July 15th at 7pm EST

One of my core values is integrity. I make big promises and we deliver on them. 

3 Proven Ways To Get More Customers will share a no nonsense approach to closing customers without using guilt as a sales tool.

Your people are waiting on you to find them, find out how to close more customers, make more money, and help more people. FREE.

See you Wednesday, July 15th at 7pm EST.

🥰 A thank you note to Kendrick:

"THANK YOU so much for allowing access to the free class replay again. I was one of those who barely missed it and as a gradual learner, who likes to go back and re-digest useful info, I felt serious FOMO after missing the deadline. It is SO nice to experience your generosity and flexibility and real connection to your people directly. I feel seen, heard & understood. Kendrick, you rock!!"

-Zsuzsanna Bekesi Smith

I'm so grateful for all you do!

"Just a quick note to say WOW! You ladies are AWESOME! I love all these opportunities you're providing us for continuing education. Sales School continues to be one of the best investments I've ever made -- even after the class finished months ago. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. I'm going forward in my business into the ring knowing I have tremendous support in my corner backing me up and cheering me on. I'm so grateful for all you do!"

-Jocelyn Lindsay