What’s The Biggest Obstacle To Selling Sleep Consulting?

Let’s talk.

Sleep is in the news everywhere. Finally the rest of the world is catching up to what many moms had to learn the hard way. 

Sleep isn't a one size fits all luxury.

  • Do you wonder with the increased awareness about the benefits of sleep, why sleep consulting isn’t easier to sell?
  • Are you frustrated with many of the “dads” out there who are convincing moms they need to try it on their own a bit longer despite moms are feeling obliterated?
  • Is the “It’s not the in the budget” objection starting to make you want to scream?

You have experience of choosing to give your own child the gift of learning to fall asleep independently.

This is personal for you because you know how it could be for the overtired, barely functioning mom.

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Recently, Time Magazine devoted an ENTIRE issue to “Sleep” and all the industries selling the benefits of sleep.

  • “Women who sleep enjoy better sex”
  • “How alcohol creates better sleep”
  • “Where you live can create better sleep”
  • “Increase your creativity with better sleep”
  • ​“Improve your relationship with better sleep.”
  • ​“Sleep is the medicine of our age.”

What’s this all got to do with the families you’re meant to help?

More and more moms, dads, and families are going to be reaching out for YOUR help.  

Selling for Sleep Consultants


There are specific challenges that Sleep Consultants face when selling that other coaches don’t.

You know what I am talking about, right?

An Authentic Selling® workshop to provide Sleep Consultants with the tools to reach the families who so desperately need your help.  


  • Authentic Selling® for Sleep Consultants is not a webinar.
  • Authentic Selling® for Sleep Consultants is not a course.
  • Authentic Selling® for Sleep Consultants IS a workshop.

Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and leave with actual steps to help more families say yes to Sleep Consulting.

  • We kick everything off in the Private Facebook group on June 14th
  • The workshop will be held live on Zoom, June 16th at 3pm EST.
  • There is a recording if you can’t attend live.
Why Authentic Selling® For Sleep Consultants Is Worth Your Time
Learn the Authentic Selling® method to position your sleep training as the solution your parents need now, even if you have husband drama or objections.


Sleep Positioning

Understand how to position your process so your potential families are clear on the immediate value Sleep Consulting delivers.

Learn what’s missing from your web copy that will compel AND sell, inspiring readers to click the “yes, please!” button.


Handle Objections With Grace

Hear Yes 50% More with when you use the follow ups and objections tools to go from...
“It’s not in the budget"
"You’re the answer we need...NOW.”
Learn how to use the “follow up texts and emails” created only for Sleep Consultants to lovingly lead families who are unsure to a yes.


The Husband Drama

Husbands who don’t get it. 
Wives who are so exhausted they’ve lost themselves.
It’s maddening because it doesn’t have to be that way. You and I both know the life changing difference sleep will make for these families.
Learn how to handle those well meaning husbands and be an advocate for the exhausted moms everywhere.

Oh, just a couple more things...

*As a workshop VIP you will have access to direct coaching and review of content, sales pages, copy, (nothing is off limits)

*By the way, ask around about me, there is a reason I am called the “most overdelivering woman online"

I worked 1-on-1 with Kendrick to help boost the sales process for myself and my team. Kendrick is a GENIUS when it comes to following up with clients and helping them through their objections in a way that feels aligned and comfortable. She has a way with words, connection and engagement that is literal magic. I know you signed up for the sleep consultant workshop today to learn from her, so tune in, listen up and take notes -- you literally don't want to miss a word she says!
Since learning from Kendrick in Sales School (now Authentic Selling University) in 2019 and then 1-on-1 in 2020, I can say with confidence that my business has grown in ways I never imagined. We are helping more clients and making more money than ever before, and we have Kendrick's brilliance to thank for that.
Thanks, Kendrick, for improving everything about the way we sell our services and support families. Our industry is lucky to have you in our corner, and so are the exhausted moms who are ready to hire us.

- Brittany Stefanic 

( ASU Graduate, AS Mastermind, Sleep Consultant)

Stop struggling to “speak the language” of sales and being totally lost when it comes to explaining the value of what you do.

Selling for Sleep Consultants


An Authentic Selling® workshop to provide Sleep Consultants with the tools to reach the families who so desperately need your help.  

June 16th @ 3pm EST

"I sold to 3 new customers each $5500 and 1 VIP customer for $8000. Almost $ 25K worth in business."

—Petra Iuliano, Iuliano Intelligent Marketing
"I just signed my first client with the formula and PAID for my investment in learning Authentic Selling®!!!"

—Carol Egan, Executive Health Coach
"I just had to share- I used some of the resources in the Authentic Selling® Library and booked two of the biggest packages I’ve ever sold"

—Megan Hines, Bee Wise Sleep Consulting

hey ya'll!

I'm Kendrick Shope

I'm often called the most overdelivering woman online, determined to see as many people get paid to do work they absolutely love.  

I’m always asked, were you always good at selling?

The truth is yes. But not because I’m some all knowing expert but because I view selling as authentic communication and more importantly I see selling as helping.

Who doesn’t enjoy the rewards that come from helping another? That’s what selling should feel like, helping others. 

And when you learn to take selling from icky, sleazy, slimy, gross, to helping your entire business changes.

Sounds dramatic? Confession time. I’m super dramatic!

But that doesn't make it any less true. 

Selling = Helping

When you learn the sales mindset, and the steps to turning selling into helping, you will attract more clients, close more customers, and impact more people in a positive way.
Authentic Selling® was created for businesses who choose to lead with heart, empathy, and expertise.
It’s time to shine a light onto your brilliance and how you can help others.

“That’s a skill that will forever stay with me.”

—Maru Iabichella, The Queen of Infinite Expansion

“Everything is entirely portable. If you want to stop doing what you're doing and become a psychic, or a llama herder, or a tap dancing teacher for cats; this will help you sell it.”

—LeighAnn Heil, Messaging, Stage, and Media Strategist

DISCLAIMER: While these techniques and our trainings can make you successful without having existing experience, this is not an employment opportunity. It is NOT a way to create wealth without work. Selling for Sleep Consultants Workshop, this opportunity is implementation of information. I'm only sharing what has worked for me and my clients. Your results are entirely dependent on your attitude, work ethic, and the quality of your business. If you are NOT interested in doing whatever it takes, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP. 

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